Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ivanka Trump gets facts wrong in tweets displaying coded message of bigotry

     One of the editors at the paper asked if I would cobble together a quick reaction to Ivanka Trump's stupid tweet today. At first I tried to say no—if I started responding to stupid Trump tweets it would quickly become all I'd ever do. But he seemed to want something so, obliging fellow that I am, I did my best to accommodate. 

     You know what I miss? Good old-fashioned, Southern-style 1950s-era bigots. Axe-handle wielding sheriffs and George Wallace; they were loathsome, they would inflict horrible harm, but give them points for candor. They snarled the hatred in their hearts. They didn’t try to dress it up, to be clever and speak in codes.
     At least not to the degree they do today.
     Now take Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, whom the president seems to be grooming for some undefined role on the international stage, maybe Queen of the World. Suddenly Chicago was in her gunsights on Tuesday.
     Maybe out of sympathy for her father, whose dog whistles and semaphore flags to bigots and white supremacists was partially stifled, certainly temporarily, by the pair of mass shootings, in El Paso and Dayton, apparently committed by hardened haters. The poor man was forced to condemn white nationalism, which musta hurt.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how people like her never seem to use, say, opioid deaths in Appalachia for their whataboutism?

    1. Good idea how about chicago reports all the daily drug deaths, bet that outnumbers the shootingd

  2. She said seven killed and 52 shot near a playground? The airhead compressed the whole weekend's activity into one incident that never happened. Seven people in total were killed citywide. In one incident near a playground, seven people were injured, but no one was killed.

    What a relief. I thought I had missed something, because I have begun observing a moratorium on all TV and internet news in the wake of these terrible shootings. It usually lasts for about a week. No shrines, no flowers, no teddy bears, no heroes, no villains, no victims, no empty truckloads of thoughts and prayers delivered to yet another American town, no healing centers, no grieving processes, no shattered innocence, no platitudes.

    Each time it's always the same network re-run...only the location and the death toll change. It's become a horrible ritual, and one in which I decline to participate. I don't want to hear about or read about or see any of it anymore. So...I don't.

    Ivanka, you had me scared--for about a minute. False alarm, fake news.

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  4. At first blush, I would agree with Neil that honest haters are preferable to hypocritical weasel-wording enablers uttering banal platitudes while emphasizing beyond all scientific measure the role that wackos play in gun violence, but I think it does help that President Trump explicitly condemned not only racism but white nationalism, even though most of us know that the words coming out of his mouth (some of which were larger than his usual 2-syllable lexicon) were composed by somebody else and did not reflect his inner beliefs. Perhaps some naif who thought "shoot them" meant SHOOT THEM, might realize that killing a bunch of people is not going to earn him a statue next to Stonewall Jackson, if even his favorite and best president of all time condemns such actions.


  5. Remember the Republican uproar about Hilary Clinton taking an active role in the aborted healthcare attempt? How dare he allow his wife....They didn't elect her to office!! Of course those voicing that complaint didn't vote for Bill either. Yet silence when Trump's mostly clueless daughter sits with European leaders and her spouse, who couldn't pass a background check is one of Trump's top guys. Donald Trump, The Cowardly Liar, even at his worst, is probably more ignorant than evil. That he makes no sense when speaking is both embarrassing to the country and dangerous to it's people, including the fools who believe him. The situation is enough to make an atheist pray.

  6. Well, now we have two massacres that never happened...in Chicago and in Bowling Green, KY. And oh, yeah...there's a third one. Don't forget to pray for Toledo.


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