Monday, March 9, 2015

This "broom" you're selling, tell me more

Matt Schipper, right, demonstrates the humane, Zen-ful Fly Swooper.

     If the violence inherent in fly swatters has always bothered you, rejoice; relief is at hand. The Fly Swooper, a funnel on a stick that, rather than smashing the living, sentient beings that you believe flies to be, nuzzling their young with a human-like affection, instead collects them safely in a small net.
     “And then what?” I asked Matt Schipper, demonstrating the product Saturday, opening day of the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show at McCormick Place, the four-day convention where all the makers of household devices from toasters to toothpick holders hook up with all the vendors who sell them or try to.
     “You release them outside,” he replied. “It’s more of a Zen-ful approach. We’ve done $1 million in sales in Malaysia.”
     That’s why I love the housewares show. You never know what you’re going to find.   
Robert Delaney and his brainchild

    Seven hours of increasingly footsore marching past exhibits barely scratches the surface: countless home care products from the utterly mundane — mops, brooms, sponges, cleaners — to the almost unbelievable, such as Bob’s Butt Wipes.   

     “The polish after the paper!” brand manager Kayla Ward chirped when I hurried over to regard the new product in drop-jawed wonder. 
     “We leave nothing behind, like the Marines,” added Robert Delaney — the “Bob” in “Bob’s Butt Wipes.” He explained that he is a builder in Louisiana, and noticed his contractors taking packs of baby wipes with them when they visit portable toilets...   

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  1. I always enjoy your articles on the Home/Housewares Show. The Fly Swooper is something I would consider, since I'm one of those trap-and-release-outside people. The Butt Wipes-type moist cleansing cloths are commonly sold now in grocery stores (Costco has their own brand which they display, in bulk, near the toilet paper). Too bad the show isn't open to the public; I would definitely take a look (and bring home free samples)!

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  3. Neil,

    You're "click here" link is broken, It's missing the "chi" from


    1. Your not You're - hate when that happens.


  4. Whoops, sorry. Fixed now, thanks.

  5. SM -- Don't let it bother you. To write is to err.


  6. Who are the fanatics who think it's a crime to kill flies? One of those new age, love animal or bug over people nuts? or some Buddhist? ridic

  7. I think people can get rich if they think of a clever enough name. I have bought Boogie Wipes- half the size of the regular ones and more expensive, but good name. I also have Zim's Crack Cream because it makes me laugh every time I see it in the medicine cabinet. It is not for what you think it might be for. They have shown that people will buy liquor (more than once) that tastes like pond scum if it has a clever label. There's a sucker born every minute.

  8. Too bad your editor won't let you write some Lynn Sweet type pol. articles in the ST and get your take on things.

  9. Yes, gosh, if only they'd let me. Then there would be two of us doing that. And I bet you think they sent me to the Housewares show? It was my idea. I love it. I go every year. You should try sprinkling some information on those opinions before you serve them up.

  10. If your feet are sore and you have good shoes on, it could be fallen arches. See podiatrist for special lifts-store ones not as good. Worked for me.

    Some readers just want more of your opinion on pol. matter, Sir. no disrespect intended and you don't have to be so sarcastic


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