Sunday, July 31, 2016

Favorite blog adds new feature!

      Vanity is embarrassing. Or should be embarrassing. Au exaggerated appreciation for oneself doesn't seem to give much pause to Donald Trump. But that itself is a cautionary tale to the rest of us. Don't be like him.
      So I hope this isn't a startling confession of ego and self-delusion.
      But I operate under the assumption that the columns and posts I write merit reading, or re-reading, even a year, or two, or three after they are written. I try, when I write them, to go for a tone that does not depend too extensively on the the particular issue of the moment, but instead clutch at a certain universality. You won't see a column on some fine point of the budget debate. I don't care, now, and assume few of you do as well, and none of us will care later.
      Toward that end, each morning I re-tweet what was posted on one year, two years and, since July, three years ago. So many more people read the thing now—July will be another record month, averaging above 60,000 hits—that I thought I'd dangle past topics by readers, since they will be fresh discoveries for them. 
     These return visits have been exclusively something encouraged in the free-fire zone of Twitter. But recently Blogger began allowing us to highlight posts on our blogs, and I've added an element directly to the right of the main post  that will showcase what was here on this day in years past. I could do all three, but that's a lot so, after tweeting the stories having their birthdays, I'll select (or "curate" to use the dreaded buzzword) one post that I consider the most notable. Give it a glance and, if it seems intriguing, a read. And thank you for your patronage. 


  1. Neil can you sell ads on the blog? 60k readers a day is a ton of traffic. Will we ever see any add on the blog? Also how much would a sponsorship cost (ballpark)?

    1. A month. I do sell ads, when somebody volunteers. I talked to a new advertiser last week.

  2. As an acolyte of Dr. Johnson, who observed that "No man but a blockhead ever wrote except to be paid for it," we must assume that Neil finds a way at least to cover his costs.

    Tom Evans

    1. My salary pretty much does that. The blog has no costs, but in time and patience. I consider it as something that augments the paper, since their website is so ... troublesome.


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