Tuesday, November 8, 2016

21 things that are true no matter who is elected president

     The presidential race was still too close to call at our first deadline Tuesday night. But that doesn’t mean we can’t draw conclusions from this most dramatic, historic and vexing race.

1. Why is it surprising that this ordeal just won’t end? The election was very close, revealing not only a divided country, but an evenly divided country. No wonder we have such difficulty getting anything done. Half the country wants to move this way, half that. Of course we’re being torn apart. The once-great United States is like a two-headed horse in some shabby vaudeville review.

2 Global warming, health care and immigration are still huge problems. We just held an 18-month presidential campaign and barely discussed what to do, except float a few diametrically opposed bullet points: build a wall, create a path to citizenship.

3. If Trump wins, his foes can take comfort in the fact that he is erratic — he calls it “unpredictable.” He proposes and abandons policies, makes promises and then denies he ever made them, with blinding speed. We really don’t know what he’d do.

4. If Clinton wins, well, her foes can take comfort in the fact that she’ll have to reach out to them to get anything done. The question is how vigorously she’ll be spurned by disappointed Republicans. If history is any judge, really vigorously.

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  1. A few more items. During his campaign he had a list of reasonable judges for the Supreme Court. It didn't take long to toss that out the window. He's looking for judges to overturn Roe vs. Wade, endorse stop and frisk, lower the bar for filing libel lawsuits. and like Woodrow Wilson imprisoning Eugene Debs, he wants to be able to imprison Hillary Clinton. And his Cabinet, he's going to have a beautiful cabinet of mahogany with rosewood and ebony inlay. His political opponents get their cabinet from Ikea, so sad, it's pathetic.

    1. Obama will pardon Hillary the morning of January 20, 2017.
      He will use words similar to those Ford used when he pardoned Nixon.

    2. That's a good one. President Obama does have the constitutional authority to issue a full and free blanket pardon for all crimes she may have committed while in office. The problem is Hillary maintains her innocence, and if she accepts the pardon it looks to the world like she's guilty of something.

  2. The Afr. Amer, heard on news, didn't turn out for Hillary like they did for

  3. Hillary was in too tight with the Saudis as well. I'm sorry she lost but the Dems have to regroup.


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