Friday, November 4, 2016

'Unbridled joy' of Cubs' win brings family together

Wayne Juhlin, Mark Grace and Penny Lane

     All over the city, the state, the country, Cubs fans gathered to be with their loved ones Wednesday night to watch their team win the seventh game of the World Series. It was something you had to do together.
     For Jennifer Juhlin, that meant going over to her mother’s house. “I felt I had to be with her,” said Jennifer, 35. “I didn’t want her to be alone.”
     You might remember her mother, on Chicago radio as Penny Lane, married to Wayne Juhlin. You might also remember Wayne — a comedian, voice-over talent, radio show host at WDAI and other stations. That’s how he met Penny — she was a disc jockey on WSDM, “The Station with the Girls and All That Jazz.”
     Even though Wayne was a lifelong Cubs fan — “a super fan,” she called him — when the game began, Penny hadn’t planned on watching the game with her husband of 34 years.
     It wasn’t that she minded his trips to spring training, or the pricey Cubs Fantasy Camp, where he once “struck out Jose Cardenal.” (After that, Wayne would sometimes meet the former Cub at Gulliver’s for pizza.)

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  1. I have to admit yesterday was a pleasant day. I've never had so many friendly conversations with strangers, nor seen so many courteous drivers. It's a happy time, hopefully it will last a good long while.

    1. My husband said the same thing, Bernie, that it seemed like drivers were nicer then usual yesterday. More honking, but less ill will!

  2. I wonder if Neil didn't feel a little pang in his heart when the final out left his hometown Indians once more 2nd best. For the other side of the coin in which (as a Clevelander by birth and a Chicagoan by choice) he would win whichever team prevailed, certainly he would also lose whichever team lost.

  3. A beautiful story. All of this Cubs love has brought such joy to Chicago and Cubs fans everywhere. I wish it could last forever.


  4. I was in northern Wisconsin when the great moment arrived, and, although people there tend to regard our city as a sink of depravity, not to say the home of the hated Bears, they seemed pleased at our good fortune.

    Tom Evans


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