Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Flash: Lindsey Graham shows signs of spine!

Could Lindsey Graham have found one of these?
     Slavery is bad. I think we can all agree on that. We don’t want to be slaves.
     Yes, when referring to the slavery of others, consensus breaks down. I haven’t seen a group of GOP senators put on burnt cork and break into a rousing chorus of “Swanee” (”HOW I love ya, HOW I love ya, my ... dear old ... Swanee!”) marching vigorously in place, knees and white-gloved fists pumping.
     But that wouldn’t surprise me either. At this point, nothing should surprise anyone, even though it does. “I, in my great and unmatched wisdom,” the president tweeted Monday. Golly. How could you not be surprised? Who would want to live in a world where that was accepted with a shrug?
     Don’t answer.
     Maybe I assume too much. Just as I could not imagine anyone defending the prospect of living in chains, so I would not have previously thought it possible to defend inviting other countries to jump into the American electoral system.
     But there was our president and his Dick Tracy rogue’s gallery of supporters, first denying Russia’s obvious undermining of the 2016 elections, then lining up to rationalize his pressuring Ukrainian officials to join the Republican National Committee and start digging up dirt on Joe Biden, his most prominent opponent in the 2020 election.
     That is the Usual Bad News, the permanent fog of corruption that this week was cut by a flash of hope: prominent Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham at long last objecting to something, even though Donald Trump did it.

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  1. The rotten Electoral College was created to give the slave states more voting power. Even Nixon wanted it gone!

  2. Don’t let Graham fool you. He’s not going rogue here. Many other Republicans are very much against Trump’s pullout (something Trump’s father should have done over 70 years ago).
    Graham has railed against Trump before and then became his lapdog again.Graham is as rotten if not more so than Trump.

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  4. His spine seems to have collapsed from the weight of his fear of losing the MAGA vote.
    On the radio this morning I heard Graham the lap dog once again defending Il Duce and the Ukranian phone call as A totally harmless and legally innocent conversation between 2 very respected and prominent world leaders.
    Geez Louize. The Republican infatuation with fascist dogma would make Richard Nixon cry for how far our nation has fallen.

  5. Even if we were to agree 100% that the U.S. should not have sent troops to Syria, the question of whether we should take those troops out of Syria remains, given the situation of the Kurds and the reliance of other forces on our presence there. If our international commitments are going to be subject to the whims of one person, whoever that might be, it is going to put our allies and eventually the U.S. itself in a precarious position.


  6. In the International machinations concerning the region, Kurds have been on the short end every time, and still many people in the know say they are best of many factions in the middle east. My limited experience supports that premise. Turkey was a useful ally in the cold war as a missile base. Korean veterans claim that Turkish troops were the most ruthless fighters and like South Korean(ROK) units in Vietnam, they were given the dirty jobs. Let's not forget the Armenian genocide and contemporary evidence of Turkish demeanor, the attack on lawful demonstrators by a Turkish security detail in Washington DC. But Trump like$ them.


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