Thursday, December 3, 2020

Losey McLoser, the losingest loser in Loserville, gripes about his loss

     Media is plural. The proper form is "the media are..." 
     Okay, "media" can also be singular. "The media sucks," not "The media suck." But work with me here.
     Being plural, generally, better reflects the baseline reality of the situation: there are many media: newspapers and web sites, TV stations and cable networks, magazines and radio programs. The media isn't—whoops, aren't—one thing, nor do their separate elements work in lockstep. The media are not a school of herring. They don't move in coordination. Those who say, "The media do this...." are usually really complaining about CNN, or the New York Times, or a tiny sliver of the vast, coral-like media. 
     So I'm a little reluctant to address the media as a whole, even as a compliment. That said, the media seems to at long last, finally, and almost too late, have gotten the hang of reporting on the monstrosity of Donald Trump. You can't ignore him. The man's the president, for another ... 47 days.
     But you can't give him the constant, wall-to-wall, 24-hours-a-day, suck-the-air-out-of-the-room attention he pathologically demands either.  Because he lost, and is being eased out the door, please God.
     Until then, the media must give him the context he deserves: increasingly superfluous, shoved to the side, repeating the same old stale lies, vomiting a septic stream of delusion and fabrication to whoever falls for that kind of thing. Well, 70 million plus Americans. Quite a lot, really.
     Thus it was only on the free-fire zone of Twitter that I noticed Trump's 46-minute rant Wednesday, or at least the 2 minutes and 12 seconds he repeated to his 88 million followers. Just 132 seconds of empty bombast, and I assume the other 44 minutes is even worse. 
     As is common with Trump, it was both shocking and more of the same.
     Still, I retweeted it, adding my own commentary. "Pathetic." It seemed something for people to see. Look at this shit.
     I should have added "reprehensible." The truly horrible part is that, according to reports from those within the White House, Trump knows he lost. He knows he's going. This entire fraud is about squeezing money out of the credulous, medieval serfs who support him. Building a slush fund for him to glide out office on, toward his next shams and scams. And I suppose to salve his ego, which can't accept loss. He did the same thing in 2016, preparing to lose to Hillary Clinton, until cruel fate, James Comey and bone-deep, baked in sexism waved him into the White House.
     I said before that I didn't care what happens to Trump, but I've changed my mind.
     I hope the iron grip of justice awaits him. I hope he goes to prison, that Supermax prison in Colorado, or else in a special Spandeau-like prison built just for him, on the moon like Lex Luthor, to make sure he never escapes back to the planet he ravaged. Him and his whole leering frat boy plus Barbie family, his self-pardon tossed out for the grotesque abuse it surely must be.
     Ignoring him is good, and generally the right thing to do. Thirty-one hundred Americans died of COVID Wednesday. We have real problems to address and he is only standing in the way.
     But it should never be a polite silence. Every day is a good day to remember that Donald Trump is a traitor and coward, a self-dealing liar and utter fraud, who is doing what he can to ruin the federal government even as he is being muscled out the door. There's no harm in reminding ourselves that, because there are people who still support him, though it seems, just from the volume, that the distant thud of reality is finally starting to register through the dim haze of their blown-out senses.


  1. Optimism about a fraction of the legion of Trump worshipers is like that saying about hope being the last change in your pocket after all of the money is gone.
    I once thought it possible but i watched a bit of the "news" channels that is probably their exclusive window to the world around them - and I don't have any hope left.

    1. The other day I overheard some trumpster friends talking about how much they loved having the Newsmax app on their phones. "It's great always having the latest news, all in one place." Seriously.

    2. All Fox channels have been blocked from my house for years, But more recently, so are OAN and Newsmax. Thanks, U-verse, for parental controls. I have had to become my own parent, controlling my inner child, who gets out of control if even a snippet of those bastards appear while channel-surfing.

      That's nothing new, it was also true while they snarked at Obama for eight years, I would yell and scream and curse at the talking heads, and one time a thrown pair of scissors stuck in the wall. That's even worse than when the Cubs blew a crucial game, decades ago, and I threw a slice of my birthday cake at the screen.

      So now, all the wingnuts are totally blocked. I never saw them lionizing Orange Julius. I couldn't have handled it. One TV through the window is enough for a lifetime. The TV itself survived, but it was hell replacing all that glass. Storm windows and screens are expensive.

      Nice image of the Biograph marquee. My grandfather's shoe repair shop was right next door. My father was working there on that scorching-hot weekend (105 degrees) in late July of 1934, when John Dillinger was killed by the Feds.

  2. Amen. Sadly the banner picture of the Biograph's "Kick the Klown" marquee appears to be from Every goddamn day: 12/03/20: The puppet festival is in town. I had hopes it was a sign of a rising wall of public ridicule that I dream will eventually serve as a prison of sorts for this orange clown. He'll never see a real prison.

    Not to get nit-picky, but it's Spandau prison. "Spandeau" conjures up a bandeau made of spandex, which brought a little more joy to reading this. Thanks.

  3. Of course Donald Trump deserves every bit of punishment we can conceive of, but do his 71 million deluded followers deserve the same? I'm pretty sure that none of the flunkies Trump has hired and fired will ever get federal job again, but those who continue to keep the faith and evidently sincerely believe that the election and the government itself is "rigged" against them. Re-education? Not as a totalitarian state would attempt to do it, but how? Could we persuade all those lying liars to 'fess up and retract their Trump propaganda? I doubt it. There's always been a lingering political divide in the United States. In the 60s, I worked for an electrician who still hated Franklin Roosevelt passionately. The Trump Era is not over...unfortunately.


    1. Alas, it's 74 million at this point, John, and there's no way to reeducate them that I can imagine. Their response to Covid has helped to demonstrate that.

      They're not going anywhere and, though Trump has been soundly defeated at the polls, the Republicans in general have paid little for having abetted him. The country is still screwed, due to the "news" outlets that actually are "fake", which, ironically, are the ones that mislead people in service of the guy who gripes about fake news all the time.

  4. Love how you don’t hold back and call a spade a spade. Never could stand hearing about his tweets and never read them. Didn’t watch him on TV either except the debates. It was bad enough reading about his antics reported daily in the Sun-Times. But I like reading about the “orange mango” (I think you called him that once) in “everygoddamnday” because you very nicely report on him exactly the way I feel about him — with contempt and disgust.

  5. On Nov. 7, when the election was "called" by the networks and there was nationwide revelry to report on, I was naive enough to think that it was one time when the media's penchant for moving on to the next thing and ignoring what happened recently would be a plus. Finally, it would be all about Biden and his plans, and the Current Occupant would be relegated to being an afterthought. 40+ court cases and however many unhinged tweets and rants later, I was obviously too optimistic. But, one hopes we're getting there slowly but surely.

    The real test for the media will be when he settles on whatever his next grift is going to be. In an ideal world, we'd only hear about him with reference to there being legal consequences for his gob-smacking corruption. We don't live in an ideal world, though.

  6. Well, remember about 2 1/2 years ago, NS saw Trump speak to an audience of steel workers, and this made Neil write that Trump would win reelection. And my reply was that I wouldn't give in and wouldn't give up. And reelection didn't happen. So to all those who say that Trump will never see prison, I say, don't give in, don't give up. Just keep on demanding it in some form or another. Who knows, we could win again.

    1. Neil was sure right about the devotion he saw in that audience. He wrote Trump would win re-election if that continued. It scared me to death!!!!

  7. Perfectly normal to change your mind about The Cowardly Liar getting his just desserts, Neil. No shame in fantasizing about his pain. It is acceptable, to me, to oppose capital punishment yet applaud the deaths of Gacy and Bundy. Drumpf in dirty rags, sprawled on a cold filthy stone dungeon floor, completely powerless with no one to hear his diatribes, would be a perfect 1984 hell for this vile, despicable shadow of a man.

  8. I putting all my hope on SDNY (2 years ago, I didn't even know what SDNY stood for). New York will get him on something; I have to believe that. He can't get away with all the shit he's done. I know care whether he's in a federal prison or Sing Sing, as long as he's in prison somewhere.

  9. You nailed it, Neil!


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