Monday, July 31, 2017

How will Trump top last week? Just wait.

     Monday morning. Yawns all around, coffee for most, and a general blinking at the week ahead.
     Before we plunge in, let's quickly review last week, shall we?
     On Monday, President Donald Trump met with "victims of Obamacare." That evening he delivered a rambling, vindictive speech at the Boy Scout National Jamboree so politically aggrieved that the Scouts were later forced to apologize.
     Tuesday, Trump lashed out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Wednesday, Trump attempted to abruptly expel thousands of transgendered service members from the military.
     Which brought us, gasping, to midweek. On Thursday, the New Yorker shared the obscenity-laced tirade of his new communications director, slurring Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, who was then fired, replaced by a retired general on Friday, the same day the president urged police to brutalize suspects they are arresting.
     Miss anything? Oh yeah, the seven-year effort of Republicans to repeal Obamacare cratered. Again.
     Miss anything else? Investigation into what degree Trump is in thrall to Russia — whether through collusion, corruption, or just because Putin knows how ruinous a Trump presidency will be — made its clockwork progress forward.
     Miss anything else? No doubt, but we must move on. Which is the whole trouble....

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  1. Trump isn't "the main problem" because "ILtollway ain't the way"? Wait what huh?

    Regarding the property tax freeze that Dennis refers to, that's a favorite move of right-wing demagogues, because they get to look tough on taxes while leaving local governments to deal with the consequences.

  2. Even if all of this insanity stops today, last week's "developments" would have been enough to bury any previous administration. But here's the thing; no other president has ever created an environment where last week would even be possible. No president has ever been so self-absorbed, so far removed from reality, so damned dangerous to the USA. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and their henchmen need to get their heads out of their asses and put our country before their party. Trump's gotta go.

  3. Well the jokes on Mooch-he's already fired and didn't last long. Let's see how he likes the Prez. now. Talk about disarray...

    1. Supposedly, his comments on Steve Bannon were a no-no.

  4. Trump will never go too far, but Scaramucci did and was fired? Ha!

    1. Der Donald wasn't pleased. The pile of rubble is growing.

  5. I think they should install bleachers in the White House. We pay for season tickets and watch the chaos. They can give the money to the 1/10 of 1% along with a big tax cut. Or televise everything...kind of like The Truman Show.

  6. Also, does anyone know how I can get a Trump rubber ducky? My Christmas shopping list will be completed immediately.

  7. A couple of tweets:

    “gotta add ‘scaramucci’ to the dictionary as a measure of time”

    “Naw. We wasn’t together, together. Only for like a scaramucci. It was nothing.”

    Then there’s Matt Taibbi, writing in Rolling Stone 3 days ago…

    “Glad-handing hedge-funder turned White House press chief has reignited the comic potential of Trump presidency. It’s too bad he won’t last past the end of this sentence” …

    “I already miss Anthony Scaramucci. Of course, he hasn’t officially been fired yet (checks Twitter), or committed suicide by jumping into boiling steak fat at his Gotti-esque Hunt and Fish Club restaurant in Manhattan (checks Twitter again). But it sure seems like he’s not long for this earth. Even by Trumpian standards, has any federal official had a more disastrous rollout?” …

    “Making Scaramucci Communications Director because he dresses like the owner of a Lamborghini dealership fit like a glove with the Trump ethos.”


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