Monday, November 2, 2020

On and on and on until maybe it just ... stops?

    From that ride down the escalator in Trump Tower to slur Mexican immigrants as rapists kicking off the winking bigotry of a campaign that steamrolled his mediocre Republican primary opponents as just so many wide-eyed fawns blinking in the headlights with a “build the wall!” bluster that amazingly worked thanks to a boost by the Russians and the disastrous last-minute intercession of the FBI director forever searing “but her emails!” as the catchphrase for irrelevant whataboutism immediately replaced by the cold nausea of his this-is-actually-happening Electoral College victory and the shocking realization that the history of America will now pass from George Washington to his orange mug under its bottle blond cotton candy hairdo staring out from presidential placemats forever mocking the brief flicker of hope that somehow the grave responsibility of being the most powerful man in the world might limit his bottomless narcissism only it didn’t from Day One when he bitterly complained the National Park Service undercounted the crowd at his inauguration which it didn’t this being the first fleck of an endless vomit of lies and lies and more lies spattering a path of slime on which he crept forward continually whining and carping in a rolling meltdown that would be embarrassing from a toddler with its shriek of me-me-me and woe-am-I forming the disgusting pus gleefully lapped
up by millions of eternally credulous dupes who adore him thanks in part to the airtight symbiosis between himself and fawning Fox News ballyhooing what adviser 
Kelly Anne Conway called “alternate facts” and before the first week was out he denied people from seven Muslim majority countries entry to our nation beginning a war on refugees that tore children from their mothers’ arms to be caged then lost thanks to intentional policies cooked up by his resident stone cold hater Stephen Miller to make America rather than a beacon of hope instead perpetrator of ...

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  2. Terrific run on sentence. I trust we'll see a full top tomorrow.


  3. Stop? I'm sorry it ever started.

  4. Brilliant. Captured in all it's disgusting deadly detail.

  5. Our own Molly Bloom. In this case we're the ones getting screwed.


  6. Nicely done.

    All one needs to know about America is that, despite everything delineated in that sentence, and much, much more, the outcome of this election remains in doubt. Nixon's approval rating right before he resigned was 24%. Despite being a criminal, he was a significantly better president than this guy, who's also a criminal, of course. Yet, the cult sticks with their demagogue in numbers far above that level. Sad! Still, the Electoral College, created largely in service of sexist, racist slaveholders, is the only route through which the charlatan might achieve a semi-legitimate victory. Semi-legitimate, because nobody knows how many votes have been and will be "suppressed."

    It's been 155 years since the end of the Civil War, 55 years since the Voting Rights Act, yet members of the "party of Lincoln" all over the country are still doing everything they can think of to keep Black people from voting. They are abetted in many of these efforts by the Supreme Court of the United States. Whatever happens tomorrow (and at whatever point the election is decided) this country remains deeply damaged by its Original Sin.

    1. My worry is that his supporters have conspired to tik tok the pollsters. Every chance they've had to respond to their preference they've agreed to say they support biden and all the polls are skewed by this. We'll find out tommorow. You know their still pissed about the time tokking of the tulsa rally and want vengeance

    2. I'll add that to my list of things to worry about, thanks. It's already a pretty long list, though. ;)

      To be effective, you'd think that would need to be orchestrated somehow. If it has been, I'd imagine we'd have heard about it, but who knows?

      As for Neil adopting your writing-style preference for the day, FME, when you're a star, they let you do it!

    3. I don't expect that you'll be returning to this post, FME, but if you do, I read this in The Economist, with regard to the big polling errors:

      "This suggests that the working-class whites who did respond to pollsters were less likely to support Mr Trump than those who did not respond—a problem that pollsters cannot fix simply by adjusting the weighting of this demographic group. Although there is no evidence that they lie to pollsters about whom they vote for, Mr Trump supporters may very well be too shy to talk to pollsters in the first place. If true, that will be a tough problem for the industry to solve."

  7. And every one of those 700+ words is true.

    I've seen one-paragraph spewing from the Kool-Aid drinkers that's far longer...two thousand words...even three.

    It's your choice, America: Liberty's torch or the tiki torch...

  8. Wow that was inspired no commas no punctuation my kind of writing and the level of accuracy unparalleled sorry you ran out of space I'm sure you could have gone on with enough information to fill a page

  9. Russiagate is the largest clickbait operation in history. It's a clickbait operation conducted by the entire western political/media class upon the whole world. Only difference is instead of just making money it was designed to reignite the cold war and make money.

  10. I am not a religious person and think that praying is silly. Tonight I’ll pray. Nothing to lose. Maybe that’s why evangelist psychos like our idiot leader - he gets more people praying.


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