Sunday, December 8, 2013

CTA Holiday Train wows kids, commuters

      ‘We’re waiting for the Santa Train,” said Sharon Moreira, of Riverside, sitting on a bench with daughter Izzy, 31/2, decked out in a pink Disney princess coat and Santa hat, on the Orange Line L platform at 4 p.m. one day last week at Midway.
     Officially, it’s the “Holiday Train,” CTA’s light-spangled, ribbon-wrapped, tinsel-draped, Santa-squiring contribution to Chicago’s Yuletide festivity, but “Santa Train” or “Christmas Train” will do just fine.
     “It’s a beautiful thing,” said Jorge Rivera, the train’s driver, who’ll keep it below 40 mph, instead of topping out at 55, in deference to Old St. Nick, braving the elements in his sleigh on an open flatbed car, posing for pictures with kids at each stop.
     But not posing for long. One aspect of the Holiday Train that might elude the causal observer is...

To continue reading, click here. (Actually don't, because none of the Sun-Times links work, at the moment. The end of this never made it to Nexis. I'm going to try to dredge it out of the office computer later today -- 12/8/15. Thank you for your patience). 

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