Saturday, March 5, 2016


     So, I said to my wife, sitting at a casual lunch at Roti on Randolph Street in Chicago one day last week: the trouble is, between fact-checking the galleys and writing the columns and the blog posts and getting ready for my trip, I just can't get a week's worth of posts ready ahead of time for Every goddamn day while I'm away.
    "So leave it blank," she said, in the tone someone would say, "Today is Tuesday."
    But, I continued, there's the promise implicit in "Every goddam day..."
    "'Every goddamn day' is a metaphor!" she almost shouted. "For life! The relentlessness of life. Not that you have to write every goddamn day..."
     Easy for her to say. She's not the one who has to watch the online trolls dancing in a joyous conga line around you, laughing and pointing. Or, worse, realizing that no one notices or cares. So my plan is to write from the road, or the airport, or train station, to keep you posted on my travels.
    Assuming it's possible. Japan is far away. Maybe their Wi-Fi won't like my laptop.
    Anyway, another busy day yesterday, between working on an advance column for the paper, proofing my galleys and getting ready for the trip, and today was the first day in two and a half years where I woke up and realized I had entirely forgotten about the blog. But I didn't want to leave you completely high and dry. I do have a promise to keep.  So here you go. I'll check in from Japan tomorrow, if I can. 


  1. Best of luck. It will be a bit of a trial trying to keep up with time change and all. I hope you get to eat some really interesting food. I love their cuisine and I have always wanted to go.

  2. Problem with tomorrow is that it will already be tomorrow in Japan before you leave. Don't fret -- we'll wait 'til you get back. Anyway, it's futile to rail against Mike Ditka -- he and his kind live in a different universe.


  3. Have a great trip, and no worries about EGD. We'll all be here when you get back!


  4. Like Sandy said, we will all be here when you get back!

  5. Some cool stuff you might not know about Japan: Bon Voyage!

  6. Thanks. I had resigned myself to week without my morning stimulus to get the brain functioning. But now I can give the meth pipe back. (kidding)

  7. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! That's all that matters.


  8. Have a good trip. I await your insights on Japan!

  9. As if we would desert you, or call you out, if you missed a day.

    We are better than that, something which I'm sure you're well aware.

    Have a great trip!

  10. Relieve the pressure and call it Almost EGDD. Otherwise it could become a chore for you.


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