Friday, March 18, 2016

You've been warned, honey

     Hey ladies!
     Put aside your mixing bowl of cookie batter, or lapful of tatting, or supermarket tabloid, or whatever inconsequential thing is occupying your tiny little attention span at the moment. Gather around. Old Uncle Neil has something important to discuss exclusively with my female readership.
     And no, this isn't another liberal cri de coeur — whoops, sorry gals, "cry from the heart" — over Donald Trump's raging sexism, his continual put-downs of women and descent into vulgarity. Yes, that kind of thing is infectious. No doubt part of the pathology explaining Trump is the unspoken male desire among his reality TV fans to get back to living in a man's world. Less worrying about bruising the delicate sensitivities of feminists. More seeing who can pee the farthest.
     To be honest, a Trump nomination, while steadily moving from impossible farce to inevitable tragedy, is in my mind still among the realm of Things too Awful to Imagine. And perhaps with good reason. The GOP establishment isn't frantic because of Trump's policy stands — they agree with him; they want a wall. No, they're frantic because in any half-sane world, Trump loses to Hillary Clinton.

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  1. I remember all those conservative's laughing at Margaret Atwood when she wrote "The Handmaid's Tale"
    It turns out she was eerily prophetic!

  2. Women need to hold onto any rights they have, because they were difficult to get. The undercurrent of sexism is still very much alive, even with the many strides we've made.


  3. Well put, Mr. S.

    Now if only the MF'er conservatives can raise that Down's Syndrome child, etc,on their own with no help. So glad I gave Bernie's campaign a bit of donation and hope it wasn't in vain.

  4. Thanks Uncle Neil for explaining this in words my tiny brain can understand. Of course we need the menfolk to make the decisions about our lady bits. We are way to busy doing the housework and wifely duties to be able to understand medical things. I've got to follow my stories not politics....ugh I can't keep that up. It's absolutely outrageous what these political hacks are doing to abortion rights. All due to their religious beliefs that pop up when it's convenient for them. They can't get rid of abortion altogether but they sure will try to make it near impossible to get. It's infuriating!!

  5. My faith, when in working order, demands that I regard abortion as a sin. But not even the most fervid Catholic can call it an unforgivable sin. And no one in his right mind (though many of us aren't) would insist that I have an obligation to prevent some else from committing this sin or most any other for that matter.


    Tempted to say, "Infidels, have your abortions galore and we Irish will repeople the Earth." But I won't.

  6. It seems like a law designed to promote the creation of illegal abortion mills. And it's hard to see how the most conservative Federal judge could fail to find it unconstitutional on several ground.

    I consider myself a "person." Does that mean that if I moved south of the border it would be illegal for me to to donate my still functioning body parts to medical science?

    Tom Evans

  7. Is Indiana trying to bring back Limbo for the unborn sacrificed to a woman's selfish needs?

    Well, go ahead, but don't include disposal of the remains unless the state is willing to pay for burial or cremation. Is that the new restriction? Clinics performing abortions must be equipped with crematoriums in order to legally function? I find it interesting they continue to find myriad ways to punish and prevent women from having abortions but always shrink from actually calling the woman a murderer.

    "Oh, these poor, misguided, and coerced silly females must be saved from the bloodthirsty doctors and clinics that want to rip the living child from their wombs!"

  8. Someone wake me up the day before Election Day...thx!


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