Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This is why the Republicans lose

     This is why the Republicans lose. Because you cannot stop time. It moves, forward, relentlessly, whether you like it or not.
     Oh, you can try. You can block nomination of a new Supreme Court justice to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia, out of the patently-offensive notion that Barack Obama no longer represents the will of the people in the last year of his term. You can announce that the court will just have to wait for that 9th justice. You can do that.
     But the Supreme Court still hears cases. And the 4-4 deadlock announced Tuesday means that the lower appeals court ruling in Friedrichs v. the California Teachers Association stands, denying the lawsuit by a group of California teachers who argued that forcing them to pay union dues was a violation of their 1st Amendment rights.
     The irony is, had Congress done its duty and approved Obama's choice, Merrick Garland, he very well might have sided with the conservatives. We'll never know, will we?
    Thanks Mitch McConnell. You can't hold back time. It squeezes around you and moves forward with or without your approval. 


  1. Too bad it doesn't squeeze around them like a boa constrictor....

  2. Republicans lose? I beg to differ, we all lose. Garland side with the "conservatives", that's a mighty stretch. There are Supreme Court Justices who seem to think the government and it's cronies can do whatever it wants to its citizens. Take a fee off of your pay check to spend on lobbying against your beliefs, sure that's okay. Now the CTU is planning an illegal strike on Friday, and boldly announces any teacher who shows up for work will have to pay a fee in the amount of one days wages. Teachers who show up for work because they are dedicated, and love their pupils, getting paid for their effort, the very essence of pursuit of happiness, which is a founding principle of our nation. You can bet if Unpaid Plaintiff Teacher v. The Chicago Teachers Union goes to the Supreme Court, there will be more then a few Justices who will sagely nod their heads and say "Friedrichs v. the California Teachers Association", is a good precedence. I know there will be at least one Justice who will say nothing while glaring at the CTU attorneys, and write a scathing dissent.

  3. I've stated elsewhere McConnell would be better off accepting Obama's choice for Supreme Court than waiting for a Clinton or, horrors, Trump choice. The Senator's an idiot. He doesn't even care about the damage to blue state Senators trying to keep their seats this fall or the possibility the Senate may turn back to a Democratic majority after this circus is finished. A lot of those blue state Senators, like Kirk, plan to meet with Garland, hoping this will appease their voters. They'd be better off trying to convince McConnell to put aside his Obama hate and do the right thing.

    1. I think you meant damage to red state senators.

  4. We are just lucky. And it took a death to save the union shops. This is just awful!


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