Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Trump blows into Kenosha to fan the flames

     Police know an arsonist will sometimes return to the fire he has set, to enjoy the commotion and savor the flames.
     But arsonists don’t run up in full view of everybody and pour more gasoline to the fire.
     That’s basically what Donald Trump did in Kenosha Tuesday. Though begged to stay away by the mayor of Kenosha, the governor of Wisconsin, and leaders in Illinois, Trump has an election to win. Since claiming he beat the COVID-19 pandemic that he in fact completely botched won’t work as the death toll rises, he’s shifting to his standard go-to move: whipping up fear. In 2016, it was Mexican rapists and South American refugee caravans. That’s old hat — the fearsome becomes familiar, which is why it’s much easier to go grocery shopping now than it was in April.
     So Trump is fanning the flames of urban chaos, the riots that began after the killing of George Floyd, and continued in Kenosha after Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times a week ago Sunday.
     Most leaders hurry to scenes of trouble intending to comfort and unify. But most leaders aren’t narcissistic sociopaths. Trump is deepening the divisions in America today, under the impression that he can disassociate himself from the bedlam happening on his watch and somehow pin it on his opponent, Joe Biden, while offering himself as the solution. He’s basically running against himself, promising he’ll do a better job in 2021 than he’s doing in 2020.
     Toward that end, Trump toured burned-out blocks in Kenosha and met with business owners. Together they posed before the rubble, the business owners masked, Trump, of course, unmasked.

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  1. Asked about misconduct from police officers, Trump said that most were well- behaved, but talked about those who “choke” when having to make split-second, life-or-death decisions.

    “Just like in a golf tournament. They miss a three foot putt. They choke.” Trump actually said those words.

    That's one of the scariest remarks I've heard yet. His trolley has definitely left the wire. Dementia? Stroke? What difference does it make? I mean, this bozo is now crazier than a shithouse rat, and it really shows. More and more, every goddamn day.

    Reminds me of one of the guys I took care of in the nursing home.
    He had been a teamster...small his youth. Beer wagon. Barrels. Horses.

    Before I would clean him up, and hose him down in the shower, he would ask me...every day..."Do my horses have enough oats? Have they been fed? Is there enough water in the horse trough?"

    Hell, Sniffy could be his twin brother. No horses...but the same horsecrap. But it's not very likely that he'd even be worrying about his livestock.

    He'd splutter:
    "Have the [n-words] watered and fed the nags yet? NO? Tell them they're FIRED!" And he'd repeat that. Over and over. Every. Goddamn. Day.

    One day the old teamster suddenly mumbled: "We're ALL prisoners here, you know." I froze. Even after almost fifty years, I've never forgotten that moment.

  2. 1. There are two video clips circulating online. The first is from Mid-July & it shows trump walking, but his right foot drags on the floor. The second is from that obscene takeover of the White House for his rotten & boring acceptance speech. It shows him walking down an outside stairway at the White House. His left hand is firmly in the grasp of Melanoma, but his right hand is holding onto the banister railing for dear life & he walks down the stairs slowly & gingerly.
    He has definitely had some transient ischemic attacks, AKA mini-strokes.
    Even more bizarre is yesterday's denial that he had any TIAs, that came from his doctor, when no one had asked about that.

    2. He's back to claiming he won the popular vote, because that nitwit Libertarian candidate took a couple of million votes & he's claiming that all of them would've gone to him if Gary Johnson hadn't been in the race. More proof of dementia & derangement.

    3. He's claiming that Biden is on some sort of performance enhancing drug & he wants Biden to be drug tested! He claims he'll also take the drug test, but we all know he'll demand Biden have his blood drawn first & then he'll say he won't do it.
    Even more proof of dementia & derangement!

    I wonder what the bookies would give odds on that he even survives until November 3, without a stroke?

  3. The looks on the faces of the two women in the photograph accompanying this article says it all. There isn't anything likely to change their minds.

    I feel that way. I would not vote for trump no matter what he says , what you or anyone else says.

    Can we please have more of the interesting intellectual fare you are known for?

  4. Can you imagine what would have happened if Barack Obama had, say, called for the murderous cops in Kenosha and elsewhere to be prosecuted federally (which was the only way Rodney King's attackers were brought to justice)? Fox News etc. would have lost their damn minds. I just cannot believe the crap this guy gets away with.

  5. For some reason, I consider my comments to be blathering rather than blithering. Truly, a distinction without a difference.

    This fine column seems to pretty well nail the absurdity of the Maximum Leader "basically running against himself, promising he’ll do a better job in 2021 than he’s doing in 2020," as well as adding fuel to an already raging fire in this country.

    Personally, I'm a fan of law and order, when the laws are created and enforced logically and fairly. I just wish that the folks inclined to be swayed by a law and order message would seek to apply their zeal to the incredibly corrupt administration of the Looter-in-Chief.

    "... the fearsome becomes familiar, which is why it’s much easier to go grocery shopping now than it was in April." I don't really feel all that different about shopping than I did then. We surely don't shop any more often than necessary, like then. It has become familiar, granted, but the main reason I'm somewhat more comfortable is because we're prepared, and everybody wears masks where we shop, which was not the case in the early days.

    1. Jakash -- I would say you're right: "blathering" is the better adjective for your comments. Because "blithering" usually precedes "idiot" :)

    2. If it’s any comfort, without consulting a dictionary I’d consider blathering more a matter of quantity and blithering more a matter of quality. In my view, for whatever that’s worth, the former is more tolerable than the latter.

    3. Well, thanks to each of you for your ... uh, support? :)

  6. I was on a highway yesterday in the western suburbs and everyone was going 25 mph over the posted speed limit. Obviously the authorities are not enforcing that speed limit. I didn’t see any idiot vigilantes out there with guns stopping traffic or shooting at cars. I’ve never seen vigilantes come in from another state to a church softball game checking IDs of everyone with a beer.
    We don’t get to enforce laws as we see fit - that’s a really anti-American activity.


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