Friday, October 16, 2020

Barrett and the zombie tots of the apocalypse

     As the Republican majority in the Senate huzzahs Amy Coney Barrett onto the United States Supreme Court — which is their right — I hope you’ll forgive me for ignoring the hearing completely. This machine grinds onward whether I jam my hand into the gears or not. Why sweat the details? Better to keep my fingers.
     This isn’t a sideshow, but the main event, the core of the devil’s bargain Christian extremist America struck with Donald Trump five years ago: rescue our imaginary babies and we’ll forgive you everything else, every flailing, foaming, lying, malicious, pandemic-botching, country-betraying minute.
     Elections have consequences, the GOP sneers, two weeks before an election. Point taken. Thank you for the reminder.
     Though I wish I could go back in time to replay this week for all those indifferent, what-does-my-vote matter? sorts. It matters because of this.
     Hidebound, my-way-or-the-highway religion tries to steamroll the country back to its idea of goodness, via gigantic concern for proto-babies the size of kidney beans and no concern at all for actual baby-sized babies, newborns yanked from the arms of their mothers at the border. Heck, their parents’ paperwork isn’t in order. What choice have we?
     This is like the worst zombie movie ever: “Baby Crusaders of the Apocalypse,” as the Republicans conjure up an army of hacked apart fetuses, which assemble themselves and, eyes glowing, jerkily march on Jerusalem, to liberate the Holy Land from the clutches of Saracen feminists.

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  1. I've read that one of the meds Trump took for his virus treatment comes from stem cells which come from aborted fetuses. I really want to see the religious hypocrites (obviously Trump included) dance around this one, justifying the med even though it violates their ever so sincere religious beliefs.

  2. "One of the boggling mysteries of the past four years is how lightly freedom is held by 41% of the American population" Indeed. What makes it even more boggling is that they're the 41% who moan about their freedoms being taken away the most. They're *very* upset about not being free to use their "faith" to discriminate against LGBTQ folks, or not being free to buy whatever weapon they want to and brandish it wherever they want, or not being free to not wear a fucking mask in WalMart, for crying out loud. But when it comes to wanting an election that's free from Russian interference, every citizen having the freedom to vote without multiple obstacles being put in their way, a woman being free to decide what happens with her own body -- well, freedom ain't everything, if it goes against the tenets of their cult.

    You're taking this Supreme Court outrage much more in stride than I am, NS. I'm still furious about Merrick Garland. Mitch McConnell decided at some point in Obama's first term to just blatantly cheat when it came to dealing with the judiciary and anything else he could control. So, thanks to voter suppression and Russian interference, the Supreme Court has been gifted a conservative majority, and the lower courts are loaded with Trump appointees that should have been Obama appointees. And yet we're just supposed to go about our business and pretend like the fact that the 2016 election was essentially invalid doesn't matter. In a better country (not even a "Great" one), the result of that election should not have been allowed to stand, especially given that -- you know -- the president is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Russia probe. But, hey, let's distract everybody with nonsense about Hunter Biden, Hillary and Obama, eh?

    1. Few of the 41% know what freedom is, the rest are willing to lie about it. My cousin, a retired American Airlines Captain, once claimed that Liberals were infringing his religious freedom. He had left the Catholic church of his parents for a protestant congregation and had studied for a ministry, and even considered leaving his profession to spread the word of God as he believed it. I asked him for an example of how his freedom of religion had been limited and he could not come up with one . Somewhere along the line he had adopted a conservative bumper sticker belief but had never actually examined its meaning. Of course he now believes that Anton Scalia was murdered in his sleep, so ......

  3. The word pictures are delightful, even if horrific. One can just see those torn-apart, bloody-limbed infants marching in rage to revenge themselves on us infidels.



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