Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Don't Fear the Reaper

The line in Latin is Ecclesiastes, 12:1: " Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth, before the time of affliction comes."

     "Don’t be afraid of Covid," President Donald Trump tweeted shortly before he left Walter Reed Medical Center Monday. "Don’t let it dominate your life."     
     Silly us. And here we were doing exactly that, being afraid of COVID, letting it dominate our lives. When all we had to do was simply the opposite. Not be afraid; don't let it dominate us.
    We feel sorta silly, now, with all our habitually wearing masks and avoiding enclosed spaces and such, as if our lives depended on it.
     Maybe our lives did. There are those 209.000 Americans who died since Valentine's Day.
    Old, right? They were old, half of them anyway. Practically begging for death. And the rest with all sorts of pre-existing conditions, diabetes and whatever. Which doesn't exactly make their lives forfeit. But really, if they didn't want to die of COVID-19 they should have taken better care of themselves, or at least been born more recently.
     Like Donald Trump. Honestly, while my friends were imagining his getting sick and dying, I had dismissed that along with winning the lottery, and focused on this: his striding out of the hospital and doing a France-has-fallen jig. Which is exactly what happened. Declaring himself "an invincible hero."
     Does the fact that he was quoting some groveling sycophant at the New York Post lessen the sting of that? I don't think so. 
      "An ... invincible ... hero." The vengeful God of Deuteronomy must be busy, must be distracted, perhaps molding distant galaxies, or otherwise there would have been a smoldering spot of grease where he stood on the White House balcony, whipping off his mask for his photo op. Maybe that's coming. 
   "Don't be afraid of COVID."
    There's so much packed into that sentence. 
No, I'm not linking to her site.
    Oh heck, we've got time on our hands. What's anybody doing but checking Twitter every two minutes and waiting for the next godawful shoe to drop. Let's unpack it.
  "Don't..."—a directive, from your leader. From your king, to some. Have you seen the "Trump is my king" t-shirts that weaponry wacko Kaitlan Bennett, the pride of Kent State University, is selling? Ooo, you must. 
   "...be afraid..." which is funny, because being afraid is what Donald Trump has sold so successfully, the central operating principle behind all of this—fear of minorities was only the start. Of science. Of change. Of anybody other than themselves, and I would imagine, push come to shove, they'd be pretty afraid of each other if there was no one else around left to demonize.
   Afraid of everything but the stuff they should be afraid of. Like COVID-19. Which if it isn't about to scythe through the Trump administration ... well, let's say we won't be surprised.
   In their defense, sometimes Democrats seem to be not afraid enough. If I hear one more person speculating that, gosh, these drugs might affect Trump's judgment, that we have no way of knowing now if he is fit to be president I'm going to scream.
    "...of COVID." Heck, at least he said it. That implies he figures it's real. Maybe that's the epiphany Trump had at Walter Reed: "Oh, this IS a disease, and a discerning and exclusive one, since it picked me!!!"
     Although he did declare himself ... what was the term ... "Maybe I'm immune, I don't know." Modest, as always.
     Altogether, "Don't be afraid of COVID."
    Not if doing so keeps you from going to work and restaurants, to movie theaters and bars, so the economy gets jacked back up in three weeks and Trump wins.
Catacombs, Paris, 2017
    Have I got it right? I believe I do. 
    As for the dying people ... the dying people ... well, they're dying out of sight, and you can't bake a big American is Great cake without cracking a few eggs. Am I right here? Of course I am.
    There was more of course. There is always more with Trump. He babbles like a brook.
     "Don't let it dominate your life."
     I guess wearing a mask counts as domination. These are the same sort of people who fought against seat belts because they rumple your tie. Who declared that, without smoking being permitted, restaurants would all go out of business. Do not submit to the yoke of the mask, Trump implies. I didn't and look at me. "I feel better than I did 20 years ago," he tweeted.
    Live the best life you can, by contracting COVID. I'm surprised Donald Trump hasn't figured out a way to charge people for getting it. Oh right, he has—pay $250,000 to attend a fundraiser and breath in his virus-laden droplets. I wonder how those people are feeling today? I wonder how Trump will feel once those drugs wear off? I wonder how many times he'll go back to Walter Reed? I wonder if Nov. 3 will ever arrive.


  1. Those of us who are normal, know he's batshit crazy & a Russian asset!

    1. He's single-handedly decapitating all branches of government, including secret service.

  2. I suppose we’ll see our idiot leader outside in the winter declaring that he is not afraid of frigidity, insulting folks who are so cowardly that they wear jackets. Only wimps wear hats!

    1. Cowards wear jackets...wimps wear hats. Same thing you see and hear every winter on any street corner where high school boys are waiting for the bus. Headwise, I don't think Dear Leader ever left the military academy.

      And that gun-toting Kent State witch (excuse the typo) is the same one who tried to start a riot on the Kent campus a couple of Septembers ago. She almost succeeded. Cooler heads did not prevail. Ohio state troopers did.

      Her "King" T-shirt thing is a lot like the gun thing. A scam and a sham, from a ditzy nobody who's bought and paid-for. She's only a pawn in somebody else's game--the same somebodies who are going to get an ass-kicking in another four weeks.

      After November 3, she'll actually have to go find herself a McJob somewhere. With guns and T-shirts on her resume, good luck with that noise, missy.

  3. Got to the bottom of this post and saw yesterdays pic. A caller to Joan Esposito's radio show called in to claim that almost everything in it was photoshopped. If only we could just erase him. Maybe I'll go visit Kaitlin for some comic relief.

  4. Now it turns out that drumpf & his White House sycophants have blocks the FDA from issuing strict vaccine requirements that would block any vaccine from being given authorization for general use before the election.
    He really is the scum of the earth!

  5. "Don’t be afraid of Covid" Tell that to Herman Cain, Chief.

    Trump supporters: "Having to wear a mask is tyranny!"
    Also Trump supporters: "Trump is my King!"

    What kind of facility do you think Walter Reed Medical Center would be, and what kind of care could have been provided to the Maximum Leader there, if everybody in this country paid either $0 or $750 in federal taxes each year?

  6. I can confirm that steroids make one feel great. I took a short course of steroids a few years ago. They didn't cure what ailed me at the time, but did they ever make me feel good, banishing all my aches and pains, wiping away the years, such that I could run further and faster than I had 20 years earlier. But please take note, Trump and Trumpists, that euphoria and enhanced athleticism went away just as soon as I quit taking the pills. And I was just an old man again, achy and shaky and maybe a little flaky too.


  7. From his statements on the matter, Senator Ron Johnson of our neighboring state, which is currently under siege, seems even more of a monster than our Dear Leader. Their ability to dismiss the significance of 100,000 dead in a few short months brings to mind Comrade Stalin's observation that one death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic.



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