Friday, April 7, 2017

Garry McCarthy's real friends would be telling him not to run

     The reattachment surgery must have been a success.
     Former Supt. Garry McCarthy, whose manhood resided in a jar on Rahm Emanuel's desk for nearly five years while he ran Chicago's troubled police department into a ditch, seems to be working himself up toward taking a crack at steering the whole city.
     I misstate the case. The East Coast transplant is not himself considering candidacy. But "a lot of people" are urging him to run. He is just the reporter, odd for a man who so scorns the media. Just passing along information, noting that he himself is not the mayoral sort. Politics is "not in my DNA," McCarthy said. He's "not very good at that."
     I bet. In that light, maybe the surgery wasn't a complete success — the man can't even float his own candidacy without fobbing off the blame onto others. We are supposed to see this feint as modesty — a cliche 400 years ago when Shakespeare put it in Richard III's mouth: "Alas, why would you heap these cares on me? I am unfit for state and majesty."
     McCarthy wants to be begged. He expects us to throw our hats in the air, let out a cheer and demand the salvation he is too humble to offer without prodding.
     I'd prefer a list of those friends' names. Who are they and why do they think McCarthy should be our next mayor? Aren't we already enduring one bantam cock on the fifth floor? Is their solution really finding a different rooster?

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  1. Hopefully, McCarthy will take a good look at all the police chiefs that became mayors of big cities & realize that all were failures as mayors.
    With Frank Rizzo as the absolute worst mayor Philadelphia ever had.
    That jerk bombed a few houses because one was occupied by a bunch of wackos & he managed to burn the entire block down & cost the city millions in damages!
    They just have the wrong mindset for the job.

  2. Heard on the news that he wasn't running but who knows.

  3. ...the man can’t even float his own candidacy without fobbing off the blame onto others.

    What an absolutely perfect line.

    McCarthy needs to go away. He's a clueless, thin-skinned sore loser, and those are absolutely disastrous qualities for an elected official, as the nation is finding out.

  4. are you going to be gone every god damn day ? or just the ones you write for the sun times?

    1. Just the paper. If I missed a day here, then it wouldn't be every goddamn day, would it? Have some faith...

    2. i used to go into Clark and Barlow hardware at grand and orleans and there was a framed newspaper article about an employee who hadn't missed a day in 271 years. at first i thought wow thats amazing. after awhile i thought there are things much more important than work. i have great respect and appreciation for what you and the enjoyment I'm afforded by your work from time to time . thank you.i hope you enjoy your time away from the office.


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