Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday fun: where IS this?

     Despite our mania for all things on-line and computerized, we still gather in public spaces, such as this attractive, airy interior courtyard in the ... well, I'm not saying. We'll make this place our Saturday fun contest. Where is this? A few hints — it's in the city, not the suburbs ("enough suburbs," my wife said, with a hint of asperity, last week). You can see that it is newish, but beyond that not a lot of clues. I was meeting an acquaintance at his office to go to lunch, walking up a mirror of the staircase you see across the atrium, and was struck by the cleanness of the lines, the bright blue cube chairs and toffee brown ottomans. The vista looked like an architect's rendering.
     Notice that most of the people here are men? I'm not sure if that helps or is a red herring.
     This time, the winner receives a blog poster, suitable for framing, signed and numbered, one of a dwindling stock, hand set on a letterpress in Nashville, Tennessee. Just put your guess in the comments, and I'll jump in and recognize the winner. Good luck. I haven't stumped you yet, but my hunch is, unless someone has actually been there, I just might this time. 


  1. The student center at IIT, I think designed by Calatrava, where the L goes through a tunnel in the sky [apologies to Heinlein].

  2. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    1. Yes! Congratulations. Damn, I thought that would be tougher. Next week we'll have to find something harder. Email me your address -- -- and I'll send you your poster.

  3. My girlfriend took one look at it, and said the Booth. Couple hours too late, but she was very happy when I saw the earlier winning entry.

  4. I thought IIT also, and frankly I'm shocked--shocked!--at the gender imbalance at Booth. At Kellogg in Evanston, it looks 60/40 female-male (and 30 percent foreign nationals) to me.

    Scott--I'll have some cool stuff for you and Lisa soon (end of the month). Matchbook and clothes suitable for many things. Email me: b-savage at

  5. I went to Booth when it was still just the "GSB." As we used to say (and I personally experienced), Kellogg orientation features a lakeside champagne brunch and a morning full of "you're in, you're great, enjoy!" U of C's business school orientation starts at 8 AM with an optional calculus review, and goes downhill from there. I was fortunate to have the choice between them, and I chose U of C. No regrets. It was then - and is now - closer to 65% or 70% male as reflects the emphasis on Finance and Accounting. Kellogg is viewed as the Marketing school, and does tend to have a higher female enrollment. Make of that what you will. Currently, Booth outranks Kellogg in the B-school rankings, but the top 5 or 6 tend to trade places on that list anyway. Either way, we are lucky to have two world-class programs in our city.


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