Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday fun—where IS this?

     Work on Friday was fun, but hard. A long day. I wrote not one, but two columns—Sunday's and Monday's—and they were columns that required more than the usual amount of interviews and double-checking. Plus a couple Voices posts and other assorted tasks and conversations. 
      By the time I put on my jacket, flipped the lights off and started stumbling toward the train, I felt done in. Really, I had to focus just to walk down Wacker Drive toward Union Station. Even on  the Metra, it took an act of will not to let my head just roll off my neck and go tumbling down the aisle, drawing peeved looks from my fellow commuters. "Is this yours?" someone would sniff with disgust, toeing the head in my direction.
      After an eternity, we arrived in Northbrook. The block home. When I walked in the door, a package waiting. Usually you have an idea about what a package is. You're expecting something. But this ... blank. I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon. I wasn't expecting anything.
     I tore off the wrapping, took a look at the above photograph, nicely framed, and began to laugh and laugh. It felt like I hadn't laughed like that for ages. "Harry, you are a good egg!" I said, aloud -- my cousin Harry had sent it, as a surprise. I recognized instantly where he had affixed my blog poster, because I had been there—spent a few days there, in fact, researching my first book. That's your hint. Where is this place? The first one to post below gets a copy of the selfsame poster. This is a hard one, I hope. Good luck. 


  1. It's the Harvard Lampoon building in Cambridge, MA.

  2. Yup. You guys are good. Congrats Dan -- email me your address and I'll send you a poster, if you like.

  3. The building is supposed to look like the Sphinx -- the sides of the front stairs are paws, the door a mouth, the windows eyes. There is a circular library, and the second floor is a long refractory hall where the Lampooners have their festive dinners -- the menus of great nights are framed on the walls. My memory is of flipping big crumbling scrapbooks onto their Xerox machine, researching my pranks book. Over 20 years ago...

  4. I said Harvard at 3 am and Dan at 3:31 Don't I get a poster? Or was I too inexact by not identifying the lampoon building?

  5. Actually, I was at 3:30 and Dan at 3:31.Sorry. Still one minute.

    1. That was my thinking but, one advantage of dealing with an individual as opposed to, say, General Foods, is flexibility. So hell yes, if you want one, it's yours: send your address to me at Congrats.


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