Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday fun activity: Where IS this?

      This is the sort of thing you never notice, until you do.
      Of course, who could fail to notice a large golden man struggling to take the cap off an enormous bottle of wine.
      Or whatever it is he's doing. 
      Actually, I know. 
      But  don't want to give away the game.
      Though I imagine someone will recognize this fellow fairly quickly.
      Provided they frequent the spot where this guy is found.
      Which they probably don't do as much as they used to. 
      I sure don't. 
      If I can avoid it.
      Though I found myself there the other day and lingered.
      Long enough to snap his picture.
      Which wasn't really hard.
      Since he wasn't moving very fast.
      Which I suppose is typical, given his environment.
      Where is he? And what's he doing?
      While my gut tells me it'll be answered quickly.
      If history is any judge
      And given that the ones I think will be hard in reality aren't.
      Maybe the one I think will be easy will turn out to be a stumper.
      The winner will receive .... hmmm.... a copy of my blog poster, since I'm hot to get rid of them. 
       To clear the decks for next year's poster. 
       Which I'm already looking forward to.
       Remember to post your guess below. 
       And be patient—I'm not sure if I'll be on the grid Saturday, so I might not be able to confirm the answer until Sunday.  
      Play nicely together.


  1. I think the picture represents a pinsetter, but I can't place the building, although the marble detailing makes it look like Borg Warner on Michigan.

    1. Wait a second, it looks a bit like the old Sun Times Building, but wasn't all of it torn down for the Trump Mahal?

  2. Evanston Post Office, Davis -- "Throwing the Mail" sculpture (done for WPA, maybe?)

    1. You got it. Send me your address, to, and I'll mail you your poster, using the self-same United States Postal Service. Congrats.

  3. Joanna has it. Not sure WPA, but definitely Evanston PO.

  4. I'll guess the Chicago Board of Trade building as a Hail Mary.

  5. And given that the ones I think will be hard in reality aren't.


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