Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Fun Activity: Where IS This?

     Chicago has so many famous buildings.
     The Water Tower and the Willis Tower  
     NBC Tower and  and Trump Tower
     And those are just the buildings with "tower" in their names.
     Some are modernist monsters:
     The Hancock and the Aon Center
     Some are beloved old  treasures
     The Monadnock and the Marquette
     And some are in between new and old
      Like Marina City
     This building is none of them.
     I've walked past it for years.
     And never given it a second glance.
     Never really looked at its perfect blue rectangular grid
     Until now, thinking: "That'll stump 'em."
     I can't imagine anyone knowing its name.
     Though, merciful, there is a clue tucked in.
     I'll add another one at 12 noon.
     If it stumps you
     Which I hope it will
     For once
     Post your answer in the comments section
     And remember, you can only win once per year
     So good luck
     Winner will get ... lunch with me at Harry Caray's
     If you're interested
     I told its owner I'd slide by soon
    And this will guarantee that I do.
    Assuming anyone guesses this correctly which
    If history is any judge
    They will. 


  1. It's 101 N. Wacker reflecting the Boeing building! I walk by it every weekday on my way to work.

    1. And the main company I pay attention to that occupies 101 N. Wacker, being a railroading fan, is TTX, if that helps my chances.

    2. Right you are, Mr. Bass. Well, so much for THAT theory. When's a good day for lunch, assuming you're interested? Mid-July works for me.

    3. Actually, maybe you should email me a few good dates. More private that way.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ahhh.....apparently 101 North Wacker is named the Hartmarx Building.

  4. A.C. Nielsen building in Schaumburg. (Advance: I'm allergic to nuts and gluten.)

  5. No more, not since HMX ceased being a tenant (the company has mostly disappeared).

  6. Where I grew up, it's corn-bread and chicken;
    Where I grew up, there's salt on the streets;
    Where I am now, the water's salty and you can palm a leaf --

    It's the IBM building near the river!

    Lou Pretroski

  7. Oops, stet, and double-check my last comment....ole Lou needs better glasses, good sleuthing, Bass-Man.

  8. It's the new United Airlines/Merger Building.

    Richard Gracey, North Sider.


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